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干洗 Dry Cleaning 水洗 Washing
一般干洗 dryclean 可机洗 Do not Wash
专业干洗 Professionally Dryclean 不可水洗 Manmade & Synthetic Yarns
商业干洗 Commercially Dryclean 不可商业洗涤 Do not have Commercially Launder
以干洗为最佳 Drycleanning Recommened 可用家庭式洗涤 Home Launder
短干洗周期 Short Cycle 手洗 Hand Wash
干洗剂抽脱时间最短 Minimum Extraction 手洗不可搓压 Hand Wash do not Rub
低水分 Reduced or Low Moisture 涤论纱/丝 Polyester Yarns
干洗过程中不可加水分 No water In System 冷水洗 Cold Wash
不可用蒸汽 No Steam 温水洗 Warm Wash
漂白 Bleaching 热水洗 Hot Wash
需要时漂白 Bleaching when Needed 不可水煮 Do not Boil
不可漂白 No bleach / Do not Bleach 少洗衣量 Small Load
只可用非氯性漂白剂 Only Non-Chlorine Bleach 温和洗衣程序 Delicate/Gentle Cycle
干衣 Drying 持久压力程序 Durable Press Cycle /Permanent
滴干 Drip Dry 分开洗涤 Wash Separately
挂干 Line Dry 可与类似色衣物同时洗涤 With Like Color
荫凉挂干 Line Dry in Shade 与深色衣物分开洗涤 Wash Dark Color Separetely
避热挂干 Line Dry away from Heat 翻出底面洗涤 Wash Inside Out
用烘干机烘干 Tumble Dry 不可拧干 No Wring/ Do not Wring
用烘干机中温烘干 Tumble Warm 不可拧绞 No Twist/ Do not Twist
用烘干机低温烘干 Tumble Cool 温水清洗 Warm Rinse
平铺晒干 Flat Dry 冷水清洗 Cold Rinse
定位干衣 Block to Dry 彻底清洗 Rinse Thoroughly
用蒸汽烘干 Steam Dry 不可脱水 No Spin/ Do not Spin
不用蒸汽 No Steam / Do not Steam 普通旋转速度脱水 Normal Spin
风柜吹干 Cabinet Dry Cool 较短较慢程序脱水 Reduced Spin
熨烫 Ironing and Pressing 不可浸泡 Do not Soak
热烫 Hot Iron 只可用皂片 Use Pure Soap Flake only
温烫 Warm Iron 只可抹洗或擦洗 Damp Wipe only
低温烫 Cold Iron 用蒸汽熨烫 Steam Press/Iron
不可熨 Do not Iron 在湿润时熨烫 Iron Damp
反面熨 Iron on Wrong Side 用布间隔熨烫 Use Press Cloth
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